金铨达配资Public API for namespace.


class GFile: File I/O wrappers without thread locking.


copy(...): Copies data from src to dst.

exists(...): Determines whether a path exists or not.

glob(...)金铨达配资: Returns a list of files that match the given pattern(s).

isdir(...): Returns whether the path is a directory or not.

listdir(...): Returns a list of entries contained within a directory.

makedirs(...): Creates a directory and all parent/intermediate directories.

mkdir(...)金铨达配资: Creates a directory with the name given by 'path'.

remove(...)金铨达配资: Deletes the path located at 'path'.

rename(...): Rename or move a file / directory.

rmtree(...): Deletes everything under path recursively.

stat(...): Returns file statistics for a given path.

walk(...)金铨达配资: Recursive directory tree generator for directories.

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