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Sets the current thread device policy.


  • tf.compat.v1.config.experimental.set_device_policy
  • tf.compat.v2.config.experimental.set_device_policy

金铨达配资The device policy controls how operations requiring inputs on a specific device (e.g., on GPU:0) handle inputs on a different device (e.g. GPU:1).

金铨达配资When using the default, an appropriate policy will be picked automatically. The default policy may change over time.

金铨达配资This function only sets the device policy for the current thread. Any subsequently started thread will again use the default policy.


  • device_policy: A device policy. Valid values:
    • None: Switch to a system default.
    • 'warn': Copies the tensors which are not on the right device and logs a warning.
    • 'explicit': Raises an error if the placement is not as required.
    • 'silent': Silently copies the tensors. Note that this may hide performance problems as there is no notification provided when operations are blocked on the tensor being copied between devices.
    • 'silent_for_int32': silently copies int32 tensors, raising errors on the other ones.


  • ValueError: If an invalid device_policy is passed.

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