Module: tf.config

Public API for tf.config namespace.


experimental module: Public API for tf.config.experimental namespace.

optimizer金铨达配资 module: Public API for tf.config.optimizer namespace.

threading金铨达配资 module: Public API for tf.config.threading namespace.


experimental_connect_to_cluster(...)金铨达配资: Connects to the given cluster.

experimental_connect_to_host(...): Connects to a single machine to enable remote execution on it.

experimental_list_devices(...)金铨达配资: List the names of the available devices.

experimental_run_functions_eagerly(...): Enables / disables eager execution of tf.functions.

get_soft_device_placement(...)金铨达配资: Get if soft device placement is enabled.

set_soft_device_placement(...)金铨达配资: Set if soft device placement is enabled.

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