Module: tf.autograph

Conversion of plain Python into TensorFlow graph code.

NOTE: In TensorFlow 2.0, AutoGraph is automatically applied when using tf.function. This module contains lower-level APIs for advanced use.

金铨达配资For more information, see the .

By equivalent graph code we mean code that generates a TensorFlow graph when run. The generated graph has the same effects as the original code when executed (for example with tf.function or In other words, using AutoGraph can be thought of as running Python in TensorFlow.


experimental金铨达配资 module: Public API for tf.autograph.experimental namespace.


set_verbosity(...): Sets the AutoGraph verbosity level.

to_code(...): Similar to to_graph, but returns Python source code as a string.

to_graph(...): Converts a Python entity into a TensorFlow graph.

trace(...)金铨达配资: Traces argument information at compilation time.

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